Benvenuto a Fratelli's! Welcome to Fratelli's!

At Fratelli's, we bring the tastes of the various regions of Italy to Milford, Connecticut.

We believe that great ingredients make for a great dish. All of our dishes are prepared from scratch using only the finest authentic Italian ingredients available.

We have put a lot of thought into our menu and believe that it is always a "work in progress." As your tastes change, so does our menu. 

Please be our guest at the new Fratelli's Ristorante di Italiano


We have a full bar where you can relax while waiting for your party or just stop in for an appetizer and a drink.


All of our desserts are made in Italy. They are shipped directly to us and served to you in their own unique dishes.


Whether business or personal, catering with Fratelli's ensures your guest will experience the best italian cuisine in the area!